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Ordering a Replacement for a Lost or Damaged key

I've lost/damaged my card, what do I do now?

If your card has been registered to you, you can have it replaced by visiting this webpage.

There is charge to cover the cost of reissuing the smartcard (the cost of your registration card is free but not for any replacements). For key cards this is £10. 

What happens to my existing travel products?

Any travel products will be transferred across as they are at the time you request the replacement. If you've lost your card and are worried about losing any trips before you're able to visit us, you can ask us to cancel it in advance by e-mailing us. 

How do I know if my card is damaged?

If your card no longer gives any light when presented to a bus's card reader, this means it's been damaged. If it's intermittent then this will also be due to damage, but more likely to the radar wires rather than the chip itself. Our smartcards are resilient and operate contactlessly, but can incur damage which will require a replacement card. 

What if I find my old card?

Your old card is automatically cancelled when a replacement is issued. To avoid confusion please make sure to destroy it. If you've not yet requested a replacement or for it to be cancelled, then you'll be fine to continue using it. 

After replacing the card why is my online journey history shorter?

Your online account only shows the details of the most recent card on your account. So immediately after a replacement there will be notably less history to view.